ZELTNER CONSULTING provides HR Consultancy Services that covers the entire HR value chain. Starting with strategic oriented services such as Human Capital Strategy, HR Strategy & Transformation to operational services like Interim Management and Talent Assessment Services.

Your imperatives are our utmost concern. It would give us great pleasure to support you with our long lasting and global experience in a critical business area and add bring your HR function to the next level.

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Stay tuned - we will be back shortly with out new offerings -  staffing and recruiting services



Classical Human Resources Management does not meet todays expectations to a HR function in today's dynamic and digitized world. The claims to your workforce and their competencies go through a deep change. On the other hand, the expectations your workforce has towards their business environment shifts as well

The HR function is now being seen as owner and responsible for long lasting und sustainable solutions in the entire corporation. 

you get the HR Partner that will support you on the long term and leads you through your HR transformation. You are getting a HR and Human Capital Strategy, a 5 year roadmap as well as an implementation plan for each of your initiatives. Zeltner Consulting leads for you the needed management for a successfull HR transformation.

ZELTNER CONSULTING gives you the assurance to position HR for the future and at the same time being responsive to today's demands. New HR capabilities, an agile HR function in the digitised world - this is the value the HR transformation provides you with.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



Where does the journey leads you, which are the imperatives for Human Resources, how does Human Resources organise its function to be responsive to all these demands?

ZELTNER CONSULTING supports you for the analysis and definition of your HR Vision and Mission. We assess your organisation, processes and your operating model. We compare your organisation, your metrics with current best practices.


We develop with you the appropriate service portfolio, your HR organisation structure, we decide on centralised/decentralised Services and accountabilities.

ZELTNER CONSULTING delivers your HR organisation "fit for purpose" according an integrated blueprint for your organisation. The HR services are defined, the organisation is validated, the internal functions and responsabilities for each domain are clearly defined and aligned. The interfaces to the Business, common/distributed responsibilities are at each level.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln



Finding Talents, recruiting Talents and retain Talents is becoming increasingly the topic of choice for HR. Without strong efforts in this area, the future success of your organisation is put at risk. Put your workforce in the center of your efforts and perform a paradigm change. Ask your employees what expectations they have towards your Leadership, towards you Organisation and towards HR.

What is expected from HR to support your business strategy? Which expectations, which requirements to your workforce are current. What will they be in a year, in three years. Which measures are you implementing to ensure that you can retain your employees, to motivate and engage them?

ZELTNER CONSULTING defines a set of integrated measures from: Leadership, Comp & Ben, employee engagement survey, careers models, etc. Your workforce will appreciate your efforts and pay it back.

“We know what we want: Live differently, work differently, being different."

Kerstin Bund



A direct impact on your bottom line!


The planing, the effective engagement of your workforce has an immediate impact on your financial results. How do you manage this multi-dimensional puzzle: Timeline, Costs, Experience, Quantity and Qualification of your workforce. How do you bring all this together to engage your employees optimally - now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!

ZELTNER CONSULTING defines jointly with you the right metrics for your industry, for your organisation and personnel. We define and implement long term oriented planing processes, define tolerances bands for your planing. We implement the right operational measure to take influence on the engagement of your personnel and train your leadership, as well as your HR & operational personnel.

A strategic workfoce planing, associated with an agile HR/operations functions, stringent operations to manage your personnel will increase your overall performance.

"Supply always comes on the heels of the demand."

Robert Collier



Mergers and Aquisitions occur more often nowadays and play an important factore in todays business world. Successful Acquisitions can only be won by managing the factor human resources.

supports you during the planing, the merger and the post-merger integration phase. Strict project management is a key success criterion: starting with the definition of guiding principles, governance, decision structures, project charger. The planing phase contains risk management, culture integration, communication and workforce planing. And last but not least at implementation time, a continuous and frequent feedback cycle is essential.

ZELTNER CONSULTING ensures that you can engage into a M&A project with serenity, rely on your planning, minimze surprises and ensures that today's decision will not impact negatively your future

"Things grow stronger when you integrate."

Daniel Wilson



Each IT project only delivers effectively if the concerned department takes full ownership.


Key criteria for an HR-IS project are, amongst others: clear HR strategy and derived imperatives - in all dimensions: Organisation, Processes and People. As an experienced IT and HR executive, Zeltner Consulting is best positioned to bring all those elements together. Further, our experience in HR transformation programs allows to effectively identify underlying potential for future development and integrate those elements into the current activities.

ZELTNER CONSULTING makes it possible for you to have a 100% dedicated specialist to take over either the full or co-lead management of your project. Our project and program management experience, our communication, IT and HR expertise are the guarantor for a sucessful implementation of your HR IS project. As a recognized Change Agent, we lead you systematically towards your success and build together with you your future!

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

Pablo Picasso



Pressure, expectations towards your workforce and teams have increased. An effective and efficient collaboration is more important than ever. However, diversity, different culture, different ways of thinking, different work approaches increases the expectations towards your personnel.

We support you with acknowledged instruments - being it for a team or individual coaching. The context will be clearly defined - recruiting, new role, promotion, performance management, team collaboration. The coaching support includes the correct environment, addresses the personal perception as well the interaction with others.

ZELTNER CONSULTING increases the collaboration effectiveness, the communication, the feedback and understanding and awareness of cultural diversity. The behavior of each individual will be addressed, the interaction with others will not follow the motto: "treat others as you would treat yourself", but according "treat and communicate with your counterpart according his needs and preferences"!

"The lift of an eyebrow, however faint, may convey more than a hundred words."

Charlie Chaplin



Unforeseable situations may be covered effectively with short to mid term interim solutions.

Being it capacity, know-how shortages, we are able to provide you with quick mitigation. The range of our engagement is: HR leadership, Reorganisation, Change Management, M&A up to Leadership of strategic initiatives.

ZELTNER CONSULTING provides you with the certainty of a seamless transition to an effective engagement.

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.

Henry Ford

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