Consulting Services are based on trust, reciprocal trust, that needs nurturing. We are well aware of this fact and there offer you a well structured portfolio of Consulting products, let's say "Welcome and get to know us packages". These can be seen as single components or can be part of a more generic consulting assignment. You may order them individually or they can be integrated in broader Human Resources or Human Capital Strategy.

ZELTNER CONSULTING would be pleased to get to know you personally and to show you with one of our "Welcome and get to know us packages" our methods, our goal orientation and culture.




Where do you stand? Take the opportunity of a second opinion. Where does your strategy lead you, where do you stand on the journey?

ZELTNER CONSULTING assesses your strategic position on following dimensions: HR Strategy, IT, Processes and People. The assessment is based on a framework and questionnaire that will be conducted on individual interviews with your workforce and leadership. 

The analysis allows you to define focus points for the further development of your HR capabilities.

ZELTNER CONSULTING  supports you with process models, HR Framework to present you a meaningful positioning of your HR and capabiliy oriented portfolio of HR initiatives. 

"Change before you have to do!"

Jack Welch




Finding the right talents - is it only the right qualifications and experience? This is past, but finding the assessment method is still going on!

ZELTNER CONSULTING  utilises freshest R&D outcome that enable to integrate the expected behavior for a specific position through the entire recruiting process. The intrinsic behavior criteria of your candidates are being assessed and used to identify appropriate questions for subsquent interviews.

You are improving your recruiting efficiency, have a better understanding of the human requirements for the position and focus on relevant candidates only. We provide you with a scientific second opinion. 


The knowledge gained can be further be applied through the entire employee life cycle, e.g. definition of the description, for Performance Management, Succession Planing, Team coaching or simply for recruiting similar jobs in the future

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to."

Richard Branson




Our employees are our most valuable assets! Who does not know those key statements - they are present on every mission statement available!


makes sure that these are not just buzz words. Employee surveys can from a content and from a methodological view be setup totally differently. We define basic principles to achieve impactful survey and work with your organisation to achieve commitment at all levels, e.g:

  • are you ready to be transparent, communicate and provide answers to causes that led to negative survey feedback?

  • are you willing to follow unpaved roads in analysing and identifying solutions alternatives to achieve a higher employee satisfaction, e.g. gamaification, involvment of your workforce, ...?

These prerequisites are the basis for ZELTNER CONSULTING to setup an effective employee survey:

  • do you want to measure the pulse related to a current initiative/topic or are you interested in recurring employee satisfaction and want to address this from a strategic point of view:

  • is the measurement of employee engagement a topic of choice, do you want to follow the evolution over the upcoming years?

  • is the survey intended to provide input for a strategic change?

These and further questions will provide direction for the development of your survey!

"What counts is the impact on target!"

Quote from a long-lasting friend and mentor

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