strives to provide sustainable deliverables. We use our long-lasting expertise and proven methods from 20 years of experiences to define custom made solutions for our clients

Our guiding principles and success criteria are:

  • For each deliverable, for each work package, we define jointly the meaningfulness of it - the "why" according Simon Synek

  • Adapted communication to audience level in your organisation

  • Pragmatic and proven in practice

  • Proven models and solutions

  • Integration of all stakeholders at all levels

  • Solutions, processes, deliverables are measurable. What you cannot measure you cannot manage

  • Our credibility is underpinned by our long-lasting experience and successes in key managerial positions at global brands in a multitude of industries

And last but not least, our joy and pride in delivering together with you, your Future!

Who am I, what do I bring to the table?

  • HR lead (Global, Regional, National)

  • Workforce Planing / Talent Supply Chain Lead (Europe, Africa and Latin America)

  • IT and Management Consultant

  • IT Strategy and Planing Lead

  • Head of Pensions Scheme Funds in Switzerland


What makes me different?

  • Communication Trainer

  • Certified Behaviour Analysis Consultant by ThomasInternational

  • Examinator at higher studies on HR & Leadership

  • M. Sc. in electrical engineering

  • Communication Lead for the Patrouille des Glaciers by the Swiss Army  ( - one of the longest and toughest alpine races

My strengths

The symbiosis and integration of the following capabilities:

  • Baseplate - my studies at the Swiss Institute of Technology - ETHZ

  • Pillar I - my experience as a consultant in one of the most demanding environments

  • Pillar II - my experience as IT Planning and Strategy leader

  • Pillar III - my expertise as HR executive

  • Roof - the integration of the three pillars above as well as my Change Agent and Program Management experience

IT Strategy &
Planing Leader
IT Strategy &
Planing Leader
Change Agent
Programme Manager
IT Strategy &
Planing Leader
HR Executive
Studies at the Swiss Institute of Technology - ETHZ - as well as further continuous education


We look forward to your request


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